Now you know that I am a true and real expert....

My company Hajro , has a few subsidiaries, 
like Hajro International
Hajro Publishing
and Hajro Consulting

Can I help you with something ?

                                                                         ( All services are prepay )



By video and chat

E 99,-

Author Marketing


No one knows you and your book.

We will deliver flyers and brochures to 50000 people offline in city Doetinchem,

you also get an article in the newspaper and a review.

You will be known as an author and your book will sell.

E 20000,-



By video and chat

I coach you 

to write your own book

E 49,-

I can only give a consultation in an area where I have experience in 



By video and chat

E 49,-



By video and chat

E 49,-

Personal finance


By video and chat

ongoing communication by email.

If you've read my book

Build your Fortune,

or How to grow your money .....

and need some accountability

to make sure that all the steps get done, every month.

Then this is a great service for you

E 49,-

Publishing service

Hajro Publishing 

publishes your book and makes it available for sale on many online bookstores, including Lulu, Kobo,

Streetlib, Mijnmanagementboek, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

The rights to your work are your property and remain so.

Royalty payments will go directly to you.

Hajro Publishing has only a distribution license to  make your book available for sale

in many online bookstores and will only be mentioned as your publisher.


You get a free Author Website.

E 149,-

Hajro Franchise

If you have experience in door to door selling...

You can buy our franchise,

start having your own business,

and start selling our unique

greetingcards and giftmugs 

door to door.

Your photo will be added to our companys website,

and our products will be delivered to your home.

You get 15000 greetingcards,

the pitch and company bag.

You sell packages of 5 greetingcards,

for 5 euro or 5 dollar each.

You get 15000 cards : 5 = 3000 packages, x 5 euro/dollar =

15000 euro/dollar

Great investment and a great return.

You also have lifetime employment.

E 3999,-

Your first order for Hajro Franchise License + 3000 sets

2nd order for 6000 sets of greetingcards that you sell for 

30000,- euro/dollar

E 4999,-

Or just try it out, 

order 1000 greetingcards for 199,-

and sell them for 1 dollar/euro a piece.

If you want 

order 100000 greetingcards,

that's 20000 sets and sell them for 

100000,- euro/dollar

that's a onetime investment of only

E 29999,-

 Affiliate & writing Opportunity

You sign up for Free

to become my affiliate on the smashwords store.

You share and sell my books and earn 50% or more on the book price.

That's more than I get.

You start writing articles about my business, about my foundation, about me, about my books.

The article should be sincere,

and about half a page.

You get E 10,- for every approved article.

You get a free website,

bacuse you work with me

hello, I am looking for a writer to write articles and interviews about me as an author and entrepreneur, also about my business Hajro and it's products and services and about my books. I will gladly pay you E 10,- euro per article by banktransfer or paypal, please contact me by email at if interested. More info you can find at and


Invest in Hajro and

it's subsidiaries

We offer this opportunity also at our company website :

You may invest E 100,- euro

and receive an annual return of 50%

payed out every week to you as dividend.

This way, you don't lay awake at night

because it's a very small amount 

and you get very rapidly a 

positive investing experience.

If you are an experienced investor,

you may invest a larger amount.

''Invest in what you know and understand''

Hopefully you understand company Hajro 

that sells greetingcards, giftmugs and books & has some subsidiaries with other services, that you have read about on this page.

You know who is in charge and that it is in business for more than 5 years.

It helps people with disabilities by providing work and donating to charities.

It stands for being good to your customers and your employees.

The english website is

Maybe you would like better terms ?

It's good to grow your money,

but it's better to double it ...

That's why you want to invest it in the first place...

It is best and more attractive for you if you could double your money with an investment....

For example if you invest 20thousand euro and I give you 25% roi per year

You receive 5000 euro per year, payed out monthly is 417 euro

After the duration time of 11 years you will have more than doubled your money, which makes it worthwhile for you....

You would get 5000 x 11 = 55000 euro

Beacause I have already increased my sales and profits with more than 30% per year in the last years, I am certain that I can pay you that ROI

That's the most realistic and best deal that I can give you, do you agree ?

Invest now, because after reaching funding of 200k

this investment opportunity will no longer be available

to ensure a healthy debt to profits ratio.

Transfer your investment to

Paypal :

or bank transfer to :

NL89 RBRB 0205 0934 85


Bic / Swift Code : RBRBNL21

Your Fortune Coaching

ongoing monthly service for 20 years 

of monthly video coaching calls

for your money growth.

You follow the money system every month and I coach you

to make sure that all the steps get done and you make progress and end up with a fortune

E 99999,-

Prepay to Paypal :

or bank transfer to :

NL89 RBRB 0205 0934 85


Bic / Swift Code : RBRBNL21

Hajro is a customer of Regiobank, where it has it's business account. You know how strict the customer approval is at banks, because of tightened laws and regulations.

( Hajro Tax id : NL003562485B88 )

Address :

Hajro International.
Ottawastraat 19,
the Netherlands
Email :
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number : 81226721

Read more than 20 books on finance, took 3 courses, 5 years experience investing for myself, 3 years experience investing money for clients.

8 Years experience in being a business owner, 5 years experience in being an entrepreneur.

5 Years experience in door to door selling.

More than 10 years of experience in writing, more than 4 years experience in being an author.